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Protecting the Aging Brain

Protecting your aging brain

Cardiovascular health is important for heart function in the aging process, but it’s also vitally important in brain function. The best way to protect the aging brain is to identify and aggressively treat vascular problems as soon as possible. In this episode of ALIve, CEO and Co-Founder of the Asher Longevity Institute John Asher interviews Dr. Jeffrey Boone, named one of the top cardiovascular doctors in America. Dr. Boone is the Founder and Director of the Boone Heart Institute in Denver and also is the Chief Medical Officer of the Asher Longevity Institute. John describes his own experience of increasing brain function under Dr. Boone’s care and Dr. Boone explains how scans can now measure brain function and how new therapies and drugs can help prevent strokes (the third leading cause of death) and early onset of dementia. While the brain is only 2% of the average human body weight, it receives up to 20% of the body’s blood supply. Protecting the aging brain by paying early attention to cardiovascular issues gives you a longer life span and also a longer healthspan.

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PCSK9, LDL Little a, and Reversing Your Aging Brain

Dr. Jeffrey Boone talking about PCSK9, LDL little A and how it affects your brain

In this episode of ALIve from the Asher Longevity Institute, we continue with Dr. Jeffrey Boone of the Boone Heart Institute. This was taken from a presentation he made sharing case studies of the leaps in improved heart, circulatory, and brain health achieved through the use of PCSK9 and not accepting that some plaque is normal in your aorta. Although he refers to slides, the word pictures he gives us about the effect of cholesterol on our circulatory system and brains is invaluable in arming us to take control of our aging body, and especially brains. Listen through the case studies to determine what age you'd like your brain to achieve.

Here is the PDF covering this episode. It's from a 2020 Symposium presentation given by Dr. Boone.

Treat Heart Disease as Aggressively as You Would Cancer

Treat Heart Disease as Aggressively as You Would Cancer

Think beyond measuring cholesterol. Dr. Jeffrey Boone gives us information today about what we should be measuring, and how the information can prevent the world's most silent, and sudden killer - heart disease.


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