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Protecting the Aging Brain

April 19, 2021

Protecting your aging brain

Cardiovascular health is important for heart function in the aging process, but it’s also vitally important in brain function. The best way to protect the aging brain is to identify and aggressively treat vascular problems as soon as possible. In this episode of ALIve, CEO and Co-Founder of the Asher Longevity Institute John Asher interviews Dr. Jeffrey Boone, named one of the top cardiovascular doctors in America. Dr. Boone is the Founder and Director of the Boone Heart Institute in Denver and also is the Chief Medical Officer of the Asher Longevity Institute. John describes his own experience of increasing brain function under Dr. Boone’s care and Dr. Boone explains how scans can now measure brain function and how new therapies and drugs can help prevent strokes (the third leading cause of death) and early onset of dementia. While the brain is only 2% of the average human body weight, it receives up to 20% of the body’s blood supply. Protecting the aging brain by paying early attention to cardiovascular issues gives you a longer life span and also a longer healthspan.

John Asher 

John is an experienced international speaker on living a longer, healthy life and key founder of Asher Longevity. In his late 70s, John is vibrant and active, delivering sales training and life longevity information in the USA, Canada, and China. John’s mantra is always “making the complex simple”. He first applied that to growing a highly successful sales training company. Now he has applied it to the principles of living a long and active life. He has taken mountains of information on supplements, new innovative treatments, and lifestyle habits and combined them into a simple system that is constantly updated and refined by the Asher Longevity Institute.

Dr. Jeffrey Boone

Dr. Boone has been a pioneer in the prevention of heart disease and stroke for over three decades. He is an expert in cardiovascular disease prevention with treatments ranging from mental stress reduction to the use of the latest cardiac imaging techniques. Located in Denver, the Boone Heart Institute provides corporate wellness and executive health programs. Most other clinics treat heart patients after they have a stroke or heart issue. The Boone Heart Institute sets itself apart by treating the major risk factors of heart disease and working to roll-back the damage and reduce your “arterial age”. The proof is in the results, they have never once had any patient under their care suffer a heart attack or stroke!