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Treating Traumatic Brain Injury

June 21, 2021

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Traumatic Brain Injury can come from a violent blow or jolt to the head or body. We tend to think of bomb blasts, athletic impacts, and car crashes with TBI, but its symptoms can arise from non-violent means as well. We also associate medications, surgery, and rehabilitation as treatments, but there can be other treatments as well. In this episode of ALIve, CEO and Co-Founder of the Asher Longevity Institute John Asher interviews Dr. Valerie Donaldson, Founder and Medical Director of the Regenerative Medicine Center (RMC) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Stem Cell Therapy.

  • What are the causes of Traumatic Brain Injury?
  • How is Traumatic Brain Injury alike or different from other brain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or MS or Parkinson’s?
  • How did Dr. Donaldson get interested in treating Traumatic Brain injury?
  • How is her method of treatment different than others and what is her success rate?
  • What types of people does she see for Traumatic Brain Injury and what’s the most common age group?

John Asher John is an experienced international speaker on living a longer, healthy life and key founder of Asher Longevity. In his late 70s, John is vibrant and active, delivering sales training and life longevity information in the USA, Canada, and China. John’s mantra is always “making the complex simple”. He first applied that to growing a highly successful sales training company. Now he has applied it to the principles of living a long and active life. He has taken mountains of information on supplements, new innovative treatments, and lifestyle habits and combined them into a simple system that is constantly updated and refined by the Asher Longevity Institute. 

Dr. Valerie Donaldson

Nutritional repletion, diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes are the cornerstone of any holistic medical practice and are part of Dr. Donaldson’s RMC, a personalized concierge service designed to offer patients exclusive contact with her and her team. Her approach considers research from a whole-body perspective and spending a considerable amount of time with every patient to attempt to get to the root of their health concerns by connecting the dots of their health and history to shape a unique treatment plan because no two people are the same. In Dr. Donaldson’s words, “I offer hope to people who have no hope. I do this by passionately searching for the cause in order to appropriately treat the underlying dysfunction. I don't believe patients are drug deficient but are out of balance in their biochemical, nutritional, hormonal, emotional, and/or spiritual makeup. One must find where the individual is out of balance and correct it in order to sustain wellness.”