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The Power of Sleep

August 24, 2021

Bob Martel - The Power of Sleep

You probably know you aren’t getting enough sleep. You believe you have limited time and too much on your mind and think you can sleep later. But what if you were able to get more sleep, be more successful in your pursuits, and also increase both your health span and life span? In this episode of ALIve, CEO and Co-Founder of the Asher Longevity Institute John Asher interviews Bob Martel, professional sleep coach and head of Positive Results Hypnosis in Holden, Massachusetts. Bob is the author of “I am Sleeping Now: How to Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep and Wake Up Refreshed” and the host of the weekly “Mind Magic Radio” show on WCRN talk radio.

John and Bob discuss how you can get the best sleep you’ve ever had:

  • What’s meant by the term “respecting” sleep?
  • How can you condition your mind for sleep?
  • Do purposeful breathing techniques help?
  • How can you get back to sleep after you’ve woken up in the middle of the night?
  • What are some useful and positive self-talk phrases?
  • How can you break the habits that sabotage good sleep?

John Asher
John is an experienced international speaker on living a longer, healthy life and key founder of Asher Longevity. In his late 70s, John is vibrant and active, delivering sales training and life longevity information in the USA, Canada, and China. John’s mantra is always “making the complex simple”. He first applied that to growing a highly successful sales training company.
Now he has applied it to the principles of living a long and active life. He has taken mountains of information on supplements, new innovative treatments, and lifestyle habits and combined them into a simple system that is constantly updated and refined by the Asher Longevity Institute.