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The 9 Culprits Blocking You From an Unlimited Life

March 9, 2021


This is an overview of the goals behind the Asher Longevity Institute, as well as a bit of history. If you haven't listened to previous episodes, this will give you some background as to why each has an important list of tips you can implement in your life right away to head toward a longer and healthier life.

Point 1: The 13 Proven Benefits of Getting a Full Night’s Sleep

Point 2: Healthy Diets Preclude Disease and Increase Performance

Point 3: Tune Your Diet to Promote a Healthy Gut Microbiome

Point 4: Keep Your Standard Bio Markers in the Optimum Range

Point 5: Take Appropriate Supplements to Ward Off Disease

Point 6: Extend Your Life with Seven Medications and Additional Therapies

Point 7: Strengthening Our Immune Systems

Point 8: Gut Microbiome - Preventable Diseases and Definitions

Point 9: STAY INFORMED. Subscribe to newsletters, read reputable journals, ask questions.