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Markers to Assess Heart Health Including Needed Tests

November 22, 2021

Markers to Assess Heart Health Including Needed Tests

In this episode, Dr. Husain discusses the effects of life-limiting inflammation on the cardiovascular system, lifestyle choices that impact inflammation, and marker tests that can identify and locate cardiovascular inflammation. CEO and Co-Founder of the Asher Longevity Institute John Asher interviews Dr. Abid Husain, a Fellow of the American College of Cardiologists and Certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging/Regenerative Medicine. Doctor Husain is a physician at the Boone Heart Institute in Greenwood Village, Colorado, working closely with Dr. Jeffrey Boone on state-of-the-art cardiovascular and stroke prevention programs, combined with a functional medicine outlook. Some of the topics covered in this episode include:

  • What are the specific positive effects of sufficient sleep and physical activity?
  • How do sugars, saturated fats, and gut irritants impact cardiovascular health?
  • In what way does excess body fat endanger overall health all on its own?
  • What is the difference between cholesterol and plaque?
  • What are the seven major blood tests and markers for cardiovascular inflammation?

John Asher
John is an experienced international speaker on living a longer, healthy life and the key founder of Asher Longevity. In his late 70s, John is vibrant and active, delivering sales training and life longevity information in the USA, Canada, and China. John's mantra is always "making the complex simple" He first applied that to growing a highly successful sales training company. Now he has applied it to the principles of living a long and active life. He has taken mountains of information on supplements, new innovative treatments, and lifestyle habits and combined them into a simple system that is constantly updated and refined by the Asher Longevity Institute.

Dr. Abid Husain
Dr. Husain is a cardiologist working closely with Dr. Jeffrey Boone at the Boone Heart Institute in Denver. Located in Denver, the Boone Heart Institute provides corporate wellness and executive health programs. Most other clinics treat heart patients after they have a stroke or heart issue. The Boone Heart Institute sets itself apart by treating the major risk factors of heart disease and working to roll back the damage and reduce your "arterial age". The proof is in the results, they have never once had any patient under their care suffer a heart attack or stroke!